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NASHVILLE - Nikki's Bachelorette Weekend.

This week was all about my pal Nikki, cause SHES GETTING MARRIED!! Her Bachelorette party (hen-doo) was in Nashville, Tennesse somewhere ve wanted to visit for a very long time!!! I've also been eagerly awaiting an opportunity to visit Nikki again, its been five years since I was out in the states last to visit her. This weekend I got to meet all the other bridesmaids and some other pals of hers, all of whom I now consider to be good pals of my own, so thanks for that Nikki :) I flew    Day 2 - Yoga, peddle-tavern, and bar crawl! The first night we just stayed in our lovely wee air-bnb and drank mimosas and bloody marys...and got to know each other with a good game of 'have I ever?'. The next morning some of us were not so fresh for our mid-morning yoga class, the first of a series of scheduled events for this weekend. The class was fantastic and we all had a great laugh and sweated our hangovers out too! (some more than others haha)

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